Wisconsin Championship Show Results

We had a nice day at this year’s Wisconsin Championship Show, including taking home the Premier Breeder banner!

Duckett Doorman Gina-ET
1st & All-Wisconsin Winter Calf 2018
Doorman x Gemini

Duckett GC Naomi (VG-87)
1st & All-Wisconsin Junior 2yr Old 2018
HM Intermediate Champion

Duckett Doorman Trish-ET (VG-88)
3rd Junior 2yr Old

Duckett Atwd Tinsel-ET (VG-89)
3rd Senior 2yr Old

Duckett Gold Flo-ET (VG-89)
4th Senior 2yr Old

Ms Listerines Look At Me-ET (EX-91)
2nd & Reserve All-Wisconsin Junior 3yr Old
Atwood x EX-91 Uno x EX-95 Talent Licorice

Miss Wbk Brittany-ET (VG-86)
All-Wisconsin Senior 3yr Old
Windbrook x Sandy-Valley Atwd Blacky (EX-94) from the Barbies

Fradon Armani Jordey (EX-92)
5th 4yr Old

All-Wisconsin Senior Best Three