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The Partnership

Genetic Futures partnership consists of  Mike & Julie Duckett.  The purchase of a 300 acre farm in 2009 has allowed them to develop a Wisconsin Satellite base for Trans Ova Genetics.


The operation includes a 120 cow free-stall barn, a state of the art free-stall facility for 400 heifers and a donor housing facility for 25 head. Heifers are grouped by status – implanted, pregnant and sexed. Between 12 and 20 donors are gathered and collected every other week by Trans Ova. Animals are checked on a weekly basis and set up on programs, implanting approximately 70-90 embryos every second Thursday. All recipients are negative for BVD, Anaplasmosis, Neospora and Leukosis and are tested prior to arrival.. Exceptional Results

The Genetic Futures staff has made it their business to get as many pregnancies and live calves as possible and as a result have had exceptional results.

This aspect and access to Duckett Holsteins allows them to confidently house the best cows in the World making this partnership unique.

Our Customers

Customers include Sandy Valley, SPEEK-NJ, Cormdale Genetics, Fustead, Craigcrest, Milksource, Arethusa Farm, Lookout Holsteins, Select Sires, Elite Dairy Genomics, Marita Holsteins, Butlerview, Rosedale and Morsan Farm.


“Over the past couple of years we have done IVF on some of the premium cows at Morsan Farms (Missy & Seisme). It is not an easy decision to send cows like these away for the IVF process. The fact we are able to send our cows to Mike and Julie’s during this process makes the decision a whole lot easier. We had over 40 calves born at their farm and they did an excellent job of growing and developing the calves in the early months before we were able to bring them home. Mike and Julie are some of the most skilled cow people on the planet. They took great care of our cows while they were there. I would recommend them to anyone,” said Chris Parry, Marketing Manager at Morsan Farms.