2015 All-American & All-Canadian Nominations for Duckett Holsteins!

Pasta Nominated at 13 Years!

Stone-Front Iron Pasta EX-96
Nominated All-American 150,000 Pound Cow

Duckett G Chip Tokyo VG-87 (Gold Chip x Vangoh Durham Treasure EX-96-3E-99MS)
Nominated All-American Milking Yearling

MS Duckett Dyment Coral (Uno x Shema Atwood Chassity EX-91)
Nominated All-American and All-Canadian Winter Yearling
Owned by Royal Lynn & Gracehaven Holsteins, ON

Duckett Doorman Brook-ET (Doorman x Sandy-Valley Atwd Brandy-ET EX-91)
Nominated All-American Fall Calf
Owned by Conroy, Dymentholm & Eaton, NY

Miss Duckett WBK Breeze (Windbrook x Sandy-Valley Atwd Blacky-ET EX-92)
Nominated All-American and All-Canadian WInter Calf
Owned by Velthuis Farms, Osgood, ON